Projecta 12V 120W Solar Panel Skinny

Projecta 12V 120W Solar Panel Skinny


Brand: Projecta

Reference No. SPP120-MC4



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Projecta solar panels:

Solar panels can be utilized to extend battery run time when powering multiple accessories. A number of factors that can influence this include: the time of year, weather conditions, battery capacity and how long you run your appliances. 

Made for permanent mounting these panels are ideal for caravans, motor homes, house boats, remote holiday shacks and farming applications where power is required to charge battery banks servicing multiple or larger appliances.

Polycrystalline solar panels are manufactured from a solar cell that is cast from silicon. These cells are more efficient at producing power than an amorphous panel, so the size of the panel is smaller yet capable of producing more power. They are ideal for fixed installation to caravans, motor homes, and house boats etc where power is required to charge battery banks that service multiple appliances.

About the company:

First established in 1953, Brown & Watson International Pty Ltd is a leading supplier of high quality NARVA & PROJECTA automotive lighting and electrical accessories to the automotive, heavy transport, recreational vehicle, mining, marine and agricultural industries throughout Australasia and the Pacific region.

Today more than 5,000 individual part numbers make up the range in Australia’s most comprehensive market leading catalogue. All products carrying the NARVA & PROJECTA name are engineered to the highest standards and tested by experienced quality and product engineers providing the ultimate peace of mind. We have invested heavily in the design, engineering and development of products for the global market and has an advanced environmental laboratory and state-of-the-art optical lighting test facility.

From the company’s 17,000 sq. metre head office and state-of-the art, automated paperless warehouse and production facility in Knoxfield, Melbourne, the extensive range of products are assembled, packed and processed to cater for ever expanding markets internationally.

Brown & Watson International also produces many custom made products for large OEM companies such as Kenworth, Mack, HSV, Honda, Jayco Caravans to name just a few. Other brand names promoted by the company include Projecta battery maintenance and power products, BIG RED and MAXILITE L.E.D lighting products.


Compact & powerful- Polycrystalline solar panels are manufactured from a solar cell that is cast from silicon. These cells are more efficient at producing power than an amorphous panel,so the size of the panel is smaller yet produces greater output power.

MC4 connector- Standardized MC4 connector fitted for ease of installation where MC4 connectors are used.

Tempered low iron glass- Clear encapsulated insulation enhances solar cell performance and provides proven weather protection, Tempered low iron glass provides both better impact resistance and better light transmission, allowing the generation of more electricity by reducing the quantity of light that is reflected away from the module.

Heavy duty frame- Corrosion resistant frames are constructed to withstand wind speeds in excess of 130 km/h in typical ground mounted applications. The frames are clear anodized and the inner corner connection has a strong mechanical resistance to weather. 

*Please note: Projecta panels are a non stocked item and can be ordered in upon request





Cell type


Rated Power (Watts)


Open Circuit Voltage (Volts)


Maximum Power Voltage (Volts)


Short Circuit Current (Amps)


Maximum Power Current (Amps)


Power (Max.)


Temp Range

-40 to +85°C

Maximum System Voltage (Volts)

1000 VDC

Power Tolerance


Nominal DC Voltage


Size (mm)

1570 x 510 x 35




80% 20 Year Performance

1 Year product Warranty

Projecta SPP120-MC4 spec sheet-