Brand: Xantrex

Reference No. 804-1240-01



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Xantrex battery chargers:

TRUECharge2 battery chargers are highly versatile and can be mounted in multiple positions, thanks to their inherent drip-free design characteristics. TRUECharge2 delivers outstanding low electrical interference, coupled with efficient, power factor corrected, multistage charging capability. Installation is a breeze, thanks to the easy access AC and DC wiring compartments. The easy-to-read display can be augmented with an optional remote panel.

Performance Features:

  • Microprocessor-controlled, multistage charging algorithms

  • Settings for two and three-stage charging

  • Settings for flooded, gel, AGM or lead-calcium batteries

  • Auto-ranging universal input voltage (90-265 Vac, 47-63 Hz) is also compatible with a generator or other low-quality power sources

  • Power factor corrected, temperature-compensated charging

  • Battery-equalization feature

  • Ability to charge batteries drained to extremely low voltage

  • Optional Battery temperature sensor (Part #808-0232-01)

  • Optional Remote Panel (Part #808-8040-01)

Protection Features:

  • Reverse battery polarity protection

  • Drip-proof design

  • Over and under temperature protection

  • DC over-voltage protection

  • Battery overcharging protection

  • Available in: 12-volt models: 10A, 20A, 40A, 60A 24-volt models: 10A, 20A, 30A

Three Stage Charging- Multistage charging ensures batteries receive optimum charging, but with minimal wear and tear, regulating the voltage and current delivered to the batteries in three automatic stages:

  • Bulk: Replaces 70-80% of the battery’s state-of-charge at the fastest possible rate.

  • Absorption: Replenishes the remaining 20-30% of charge, bringing the battery to a full charge at a slow, safe rate.

  • Float: Voltage is reduced and held constant in order to prevent damage and maintain batteries at a full charge.

TrueCharge 2 Remote Panel- The TRUECHARGE 2 Remote Panel is designed for use with TRUECHARGE 2 Battery Chargers. This full-function remote allows you to monitor and control battery charger performance from a remote location, including features not accessible from the charger’s onboard display. The TRUECHARGE 2 Remote Panel reads like a fuel gauge and displays critical information on charging of battery banks. It is very easy to install, read and operate, connecting with the battery charger through the included telephone cable.

Remote Features:

  • Gives the user flexibility to set maximum charger output current

  • Allows the charger to be powered on or placed into standby while AC power is connected

  • Programs the charger for battery type and temperature

  • Displays faults and warnings, basic battery level and settings

  • Displays the current status of each battery or each battery bank

  • Simple push buttons to change charger settings

  • FCC Class B compliant

Whats Included:

  • TRUECHARGE 2 remote panel

  • 7.6 m (25′) 6-conductor crossed telephone cable

  • Mounting template and 1 1/2″ NPT locknut for mounting


20amp / 12v Smart Charger

40amp / 12v Smart Charger

60amp / 12v Smart Charger

Enerdrive Code




Output Current (nominal)

20amp @ 50°C

40amp @ 50°C

60amp @ 50°C

Output Voltage (nominal dependant on settings)


14.2 – 15.5 Vdc

14.2 – 15.5 Vdc

14.2 – 15.5 Vdc


13.4 – 13.8 Vdc

13.4 – 13.8 Vdc

13.4 – 13.8 Vdc


16 Vdc

16 Vdc

16 Vdc

DC Output Connections




AC Input Voltage

90 – 270 Vac, 47 – 63Hz / 120 Vac, 230 Vac, 240 Vac Nominal

Max power drain (Watts)

500 W

900 W

1400 W

Temperature Condensation

tdree Settings or optional remote battery temp sensor

Charger Efficiency



LED Onboard Control & Status Display Panels

Battery Type

Gel, Flooded, AGM and Pb-Ca

Recommended Battery Size

90 Ah – 400 Ah

90 Ah – 400 Ah

120 Ah – 600 Ah

General Specifications

Operating Temperature

0 to 65°C

Storage Temperature

0 to 80°C

Battery Connection

3 Positive Terminals, 1 Negative Terminal

Dimensions (H x W x L)

70 x 170 x 250 mm

70 x 170 x 250 mm

90 x 170 x 340 mm


4.0 Kg

4.0 Kg

4.5 Kg


2 Years

Regulatory & Environmental Compliance

Complies to all Australian Requirements – RMS Mark 5362

Xantrex 804-1240-01 user manual-

Xantrex 804-1240-01 installation Manual-