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DIY solar kits:

Powered by Springers! Our DIY solar kits come with everything you need to install a quality solar system on your car, boat, caravan or motorhome! Solar panels can be utilized to extend battery run time when powering multiple accessories. A number of factors that can influence this include: the time of year, weather conditions, battery capacity and how long you run your appliances. It's important to oversize your solar array (where space allows) so that on a good day your solar panels will be able to fully charge your batteries and keep your loads running whilst free camping.

QCELLS DUO QMAXX-G2 350W solar panel:

The new Q.PEAK DUO QMAXX-G2 solar module from Q CELLS impresses thanks to innovative Q.ANTUM DUO Technology, which enables particularly high performance on a small surface. Q.ANTUM’s world-record-holding cell concept has now been combined with state-of-the-art circuitry half cells and a 12-busbar design, thus achieving outstanding performance under real conditions — both with low-intensity solar radiation as well as on hot, clear summer days.

The new Q.ANTUM DUO Technology combines cutting edge advancements in cell separation technology with round wires – reducing both electrical and optical losses, respectively. This is achieved by halving the current passing through each cell and making use of incident light more effectively. Q.ANTUM DUO not only increases nameplate power, but also improves reliability. Anti LID/ LeTID ensure low initial degradation and the half-cell design minimises cell stress reducing the potential for micro cracks in the field.

This is backed by improved guaranteed initial and yearly degradation ensuring the highest energy yields. Combined with Q CELLS award winning Q.ANTUM cell technology, Q.PEAK DUO QMAXX and Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G5 are the modules with the highest power available at a reasonable price, maximising energy yields and ensuring low LCOE. With more than 5GW of Q.ANTUM solar cells deployed, only Q CELLS has the experience and the knowledge to push forward cell and module technology simultaneously, to create Q.ANTUM DUO.

This kit comes with the Qcells Duo QMAXX 350W solar panel. This sized solar panel would  produce roughly 100 amp hours a day (AH). This would be suitable for systems running 2 small-medium fridges or a large sized fridge/freezer, lights, water pump & phone charging. 

Victron Smartsolar regulator: 

Ultra fast maximum power point tracking (MPPT)- This solar kit also includes the Victron Smartsolar 100/20 regulator.  Ultra fast tracking, especially in case of a clouded sky, when light intensity is changing continuously, an ultra-fast MPPT controller will improve energy harvest by up to 30% compared to PWM charge controllers and by up to 10% compared to slower MPPT controllers.

Bluetooth smart built in- The wireless solution to set-up, monitor and update the controller using Apple and Android smartphones, tablets or other devices. Featuring a 30 day history log the regulator is also Lithium compatible & comes with a 5 year warranty. 

DIY Kit includes:

- Qcells Duo Qmaxx-G2 350W Monocrystalline solar panel (Dimensions 1740 (L) x 1030 (W) x 32mm)

- Victron 20A MPPT Smartsolar controller

- 6M Genuine twin solar cable

- Genuine MC4 plugs

- MC4 Crimping tool

- 7 Piece black solar panel bracket set with junction box 

- 2M Australian manufactured twin tinned 6mm2 cable

- 8M Conduit to suit cable

- P-Clips & zip ties for cable mounting 

- 30A Manual reset circuit breaker

- 4 x Double copper crimp lugs & 4x BP connectors

- Narva heatshrink assortment pack

- 16 Zinc plated buttonhead screws

- 2 x Tubes Admil Prosil silicone

*5 year warranty if used in mobile applications



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