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SMA is a leading global specialist in photovoltaic system technology and is a frontrunner in setting industry standards for the world's transition into renewables. Based in Germany, a hub for solar research and development, SMA works tirelessly to innovate new solutions for every type of PV system to offer greater energy independence to homes and businesses worldwide. SMA's comprehensive expertise makes this company a sought-after industry partner in the solar industry. 

SMA produces a wide range of products to optimise solar power generation, including; PV inverters, battery inverters, system solutions and monitoring solutions. 


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Sunny Boy Solar Inverter

The Sunny Boy 3.0 - 6.0 succeeds the world's most installed residential string inverter. This inverter offers the complete package, delivered with SMA Smart Connected service to instil comfort and ease with owners and installers alike. Sunny Boy ensures maximum energy yields for private homes, making it the most popular of SMA's residential inverter products.

Also available as single-phase - perfect for small PV systems

 Key Features

  • Quick Installation - Compact design with reduced weight allows this inverter to be installed and commissioned easily
  • Performance in the Shade - Patented SMA ShadeFix function minimises the effect of partial shade
  • Easy Monitoring - Choose between local and online monitoring via Sunny Portal or Sunny Places
  • Internet Connectivity - Choose between Ethernet or WLAN interface
  • Proactive Communication - Self fault analysis informs the installer via email of diagnosis


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Sunny Boy Single Phase Inverter


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Sunny Island Solar Inverter


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Sunny Tripower Solar Inverter

SMA's Sunny Tripower is the ideal inverter for large-scale commercial and industrial plants, offering maximum flexibility and efficiency in energy generation. With a multi-string design and the latest grid management functions, this inverter optimises self-generated solar power on-site to reduce energy costs. SunnyTripower delivers extraordinarily high yields with an efficiency of 98.4%.

Key Features:

  • Maximum Efficiency - 98.4%
  • Shade Management - OptiTrac Global Peak 
  • Maximum Flexibility - Various system designs and choice of modules, compatible with numerous battery-storage systems
  • Safe - DC surge arrester can be integrated 
  • Innovative - Cutting-edge grid management functions 


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Sunny Tripower 25KW Inverter


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