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SP PRO Series 2i

The world’s smartest bi-directional inverter charger now comes with built-in advanced communications as standard. Whether you live (or want to live) off-grid, or on-grid and want to add battery storage, the SP PRO bi-directional inverter charger can control and manage every aspect of your energy needs. By incorporating solar, wind, hydro, with a diesel generator and/or grid supply, you can be sure your whole site will never be without power. Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

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Selectronic Managed AC Coupling

To utilise all of the possibilities of an SP PRO, it needs to work with a Selectronic Certified grid-tie inverter.

These inverters contain hardware and software to enable direct communication with the SP PRO. This means that the SP PRO has control of the flow of energy from the solar panels with as fine control as 0.1% steps. This is known as Managed AC Coupling technology which was developed by Selectronic in 2010, and cannot be achieved with a generic grid-tie inverter.

The Selectronic Certified grid-tie inverter can be considered as an AC MPPT. By creating an AC Bus, an AC coupled system will allow PV energy to be efficiently used directly by the load with excess PV energy going back through the multi-mode SP PRO to charge batteries or export to the grid.

A maximum of five (5) Selectronic Certified inverters can be controlled by any single SP PRO, but the total AC output of the combined grid-tie inverters must not exceed twice the continuous power rating of the SP PRO, or the SP PRO 30 second rating, whichever is smallest.

When using a Selectronic Certified grid-tie inverter, site consumption and generation data will be logged by the SP PRO including the AC coupled solar production.

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                  Fronius String Inverters

                  Selectronic and Fronius are aligned in many ways. Not only does the SP PRO integrate seamlessly with Fronius and batteries to give people more choice and flexibility over how their home is powered, but we share the foundation of being a family-run company with a commitment to reliability and customer support.

                  The Selectronic Certified Fronius Primos are available in power categories from 3.0 to 8.2 kW.

                  This single-phase device with Its innovative SuperFlex Design provides maximum flexibility in system design, while the SnapINverter mounting system makes installation and maintenance easier than ever before.

                  Whether a Solar Hybrid system or fully off-grid, a Fronius Selectronic Certified inverter will integrate seamlessly with the SP PRO via Managed AC Coupling connectivity.

                  A simple plug and play connection to the SP PRO makes installation to a battery system very simple.

                  • Selectronic Certified

                  • 10-year warranty

                  • Install today, add batteries tomorrow

                  • High efficiency

                  • Easy to read LCD display

                  • Transformerless

                  • IP65 rating

                  • Compliant to AS4777.2:2015

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