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Discounts, Vouchers & Specials

Springers Consulting Services will from time to time, produce offers and discounts for the members and valued customers of Springers Consulting Services.

None of us like small print, but these terms & conditions are here to assist you in the use and application of vouchers, discount codes and sales, as well as setting the parameters within which the offers are made.

These standard terms and conditions are as follows:

    1. Physical vouchers distributed through our online store or in person will have their own parameters listed on the voucher and will clearly state in-store use or online use, these parameters are set to avoid any confusion when redeeming a voucher.

    2. Marketing Material will promote the highest possible discount from the original listed price. The promoted saving (i.e. 75% off) will be the total amount saved from the original listing, the price at the time of the sale is viewable in the description, so the sale calculation can be made at the time of purchase.

    3. Our discounts do not include postage.

    4. A photocopy or other type of copy of the discount code/voucher will not be accepted in-store. Only the original print can be redeemed.

    5. Additional terms and conditions for each voucher (for example expiry date where applicable) are explicitly detailed on each voucher.

    6. You must comply with this set of terms and conditions, as well as the terms on each voucher to be able to redeem the voucher.

    7. The vouchers have no monetary value at any other establishment and are only valid within the parameters listed:

    8. A voucher is redeemable in its entirety only and may not be redeemed incrementally.

    9. A voucher does not cover additional tax, service charge or change of mind costs.

    10. A voucher cannot be combined with other offers, except as permitted by the business.

    11. All offers are subject to availability.

    12. The vouchers are not valid for commercial use, if you are on a term’s agreement with Springers Consulting Services you cannot redeem a voucher, code or discount in line with the agreement made relating to your trade pricing.

    13. Online codes are able to be cancelled at any time, which may be before the original promotion’s completion.

    14. If a product is purchased during a sale and due to unforeseen changes, the product is then unavailable, we will offer you a full refund or an exchange, we will not be able to compensate you in any way for ordinary stock issues.

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