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Why Quality is Crucial

Solar Inverters are the 'engine room' for any solar system, responsible for converting the DC power that solar panels create into usable AC power for your home or business. Easily the most expensive component of a solar system, solar inverters must be expertly selected to fit the unique requirements of each fit-out. 

At Springers Solar we take pride in providing clients with the highest quality components with proven performance to ensure maximum return on investment. We have carefully selected our recommended providers based on longevity, performance and warranty and are in turn trusted by these industry leaders to install their products.

Which Inverter is Right?

The solar inverter is arguably the most important piece to any solar system to ensure maximum performance and longevity. As panel technology has advanced, so too has the solar inverter market with superior technology now readily available with a much smaller price tag. Every installation poses different external factors, conditions and unique design features that must be taken into consideration when selecting components; no two installations are the same. 

Springers Solar mainly recommends and installs micro inverters and string inverters for residential installations. While both ultimately do the same thing, they do have some obvious differences. 

String inverters are the traditional and most cost-effective option when initially installing a solar system. Often paired with power optimisers, string inverters work by attaching to solar panels by “strings”, hence their name. This system is ten installed near the main server to offer easy access and maintenance with all electronics off the roof. This solution offers a centralised system with great efficiency, around 96%, making it a premium pick for residential projects. 

Microinverter technology has only recently become a readily available option due to pricing. This technology essentially works in the same way as traditional inverters, however, these inverters are installed on each individual panel. This allows each panel to perform independently to maximise output. 

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String Inverter Advantages 

  • Low upfront costs
  • Known for their durability and reliability 
  • Low probability of wiring issues 
  • Easy to troubleshoot 



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Micro Inverter Advantages 

  • Extensive monitoring capabilities 
  • Long lifespan 
  • Easily built upon for future expansions
  • Flexible around challenging installations 




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